Please refer to frequently asked questions below or email us with your question.

  • How can I be sure what I am buying
    • You will know exactly what you get if your order the free PDF Duet. You can also audition the duets on their respective product page before you decide.
  •    Do I have to be online to use the playbacks?
    • No, you get all playbacks embedded in the PDF. They are actually not available online. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC will play the embedded playbacks on any laptop/desktop computer.
  • What about the print quality of the PDF Notation?
    • Print quality obviously also depends on your printer. With a good printer you will get excellent quality. A printer friendly page without the coloured buttons is provided for each duet.
  • Do I get a discount if I order several duets? Yes, you get..
    • 10% for 6-9 duets (= € 2.70 per duet)
    • 20% for 10-19 duets (= € 2.40 per duet)
    • 30% for 20-50 duets (= €1.95 per duet)
    • 50% for 50 duets and above. (= €1.50 per duet)
      Discounts will be applied at the checkout page.
  • Can I legally provide my own students with the PDF?
    • Yes, you are allowed to do that, but passing a PDF Duet to others, e.g. colleagues is not allowed and is a breach of copyright. All duets have had their copyright secured and registered with SUISA (Swiss Authority for Author’s Rights).
  • Can I use the playbacks on my smartphone or tablet?
    • In order to trigger the playbacks on IOS and Android devices you will need the ezPDF Reader, which can be purchased for a few dollars from the respective app stores.
      To hear all instruments properly however,  it is really important you have reasonably good speakers connected at your location. Everyone will be motivated much more if the duets (which include bass and drums) sound good.